What We Offer

  • Hazardous Materials Management

    From secondary containment to spill response, we offer a comprehensive line of products for all types of projects and spill requirements.

    If desired, Raymac can also provide a number of options for various challenging climates including sub-zero arctic temperatures, high-humidity jungle environments or hot, dry desert conditions.

    Plus, we specialize in supporting remote locations such as mineral exploration and mining sites, oil and gas storage areas or isolated construction sites.

  • Waste and Potable Water Treatment

    With solutions for both wastewater treatment and potable water treatment, our units are specifically engineered by our technical teams to meet your unique application and permitting requirements.

    All of our units are built tough and come with a proven track record for their reliability and functionality.

    Let Raymac worry about your potable water and wastewater so you can get on with the job.

  • Frac Flow Back Water Treatment

    Save your company thousands of dollars every day by recycling and re-using your frac flow back water.

    Our patented Dissolved Air Floatation system can recycle up to 99% of the flow back water returned to the surface.

    Working with our technicians, you can safely remove H2S from your produced water and treat the clean water so it is ready for re-use.

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