Secondary Containment Berms

An essential ingredient of upstanding environmental stewardship is Secondary Fuel Containment. Properly managed containment protects the environment from contamination and provides the Land User with peace of mind. Our consultative approach will ensure our clients are properly outfitted to their specific secondary containment berm requirements whether it's for fuel drums, fuel bladders, equipment, or any other applications.

Secondary Spill Containment Berm Options

Raymac Environmental Services can provide secondary spill containment options for a variety of climates, including subzero arctic temperatures and dry desert conditions, and remote locations such as mineral exploration and mining sites, oil and gas storage areas, or isolated construction sites.


This Arctic Berm material is now Fire Resistant and is specifically designed for applications in harsh arctic conditions. The revolutionary product is the most advanced containment fabric in the world and is exclusive to Raymac. The berm material is:

  • Suitable for deployment to -45.6°
  • Impermeable to fuel and hydrocarbons
  • Fire resistant per NFPA 701
  • Key to environmental stewardship, exceeding the requirements set by the Canadian Council of Ministers of the Environment (CCME) Environment Code of Practice for Above Ground and Underground Storage Tank Systems Containing Petroleum and Allied Petroleum Products for Secondary Containment
  • In accordance with applicable government policies, meeting Environment Canada Regulations for Fuel Storage

Through Raymac we can provide certified secondary containment drawings for site permitting when required.

Where and when to use a secondary containment berm?

  • Any fuel containment drum or bladder
  • Chemical transfer
  • Tanker and oilers
  • Industrial maintenance
  • Paint storage
  • Spill containment
  • Site remediation
  • Fuel oil distribution
  • Vehicle and equipment wash down
  • Aircraft and equipment fuelling


For more information about secondary containment berms (Click Brochure below), spill response products, spill kits, and spill prevention, call Raymac Environmental Services toll free at 1-866-753-6696 or email us today.

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