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We are looking forward to continueng to support our friends on the Exploration and Mining industry for 2016 and beyond.

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Raymac Environmental Services Inc.

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Raymac Environmental Services is globally recognized for bringing together clients and integrated remote site solutions. For more than 20 years, Raymac has developed remote location solutions for the Canadian and international exploration, mining, oil, gas, and construction industries. Government and military are also valued clients.

Working with our manufacturing partners and using our expertise in pipeline fuel storage, wastewater storage and wastewater treatment systems, potable water systems, hazardous materials management, spill supplies or spill containment solutions, and wind turbine equipment for remote applications, provides our clients a one phone call solution.

At Raymac Environmental Services, we know that each project is unique in nature. Our experience on an international scale provides clients with both conventional and custom remote location packages to meet their needs within budget and time requirements.

Raymac's success is founded on our consultative approach to working with our clients, ensuring they receive the best remote site solutions for fuel storage managementwastewater treatment systems, potable water storage and treatment systems, and clean, renewable wind-generated power. We pride ourselves on building lasting relationships with clients and are committed to providing ongoing project success, working to ensure complete purchase satisfaction on time and on budget.

Our Strategic Partnerships

Raymac has developed strong partnerships with manufacturing companies that share the same vision and high standards. Our strategic partnerships are committed to providing the right product at the right time, yielding the highest value to the client every time.

Raymac Environmental Services Inc.

Whether your project is located in the desert, the arctic, the jungle, or simply located in a remote area, Raymac Environmental Services will provide you with comprehensive solutions. For more information about our remote site solutions, contact Raymac Environmental Services toll free at 1-866-753-6696.