Raymac Environmental Services supplies collapsible fuel tanks manufactured with world-leading procedures and the highest quality raw materials available. Each collapsible bladder fuel tank, sometimes used as secondary fuel storage, is tested for quality control and packaged for easy deployment.


Collapsible Fuel Tank Design

Collapsible fuel tanks are designed for use in any climate around the world. Typically, collapsible fuel tanks are used in areas such as the arctic, jungles, deserts and other remote areas. They can be used for both primary and secondary fuel storage and custom fuel tanks are available.

All collapsible fuel tanks are a Cross Seam design and 100% radio frequency welded, giving them industry leading superiority. Each collapsible fuel tank comes complete with test strips to be submitted after year 2 for annual analysis. Collapsible fuel tank systems are offered as turn-key systems.


Secondary Fuel Storage Applications

Whether setting up a remote camp for mineral exploration, military, or industrial purposes, collapsible fuel tanks are an essential part of your remote area fuel containment system.

To ensure our customers receive top quality products and service, Raymac Environmental Services continues to strategically position itself with key, reputable manufacturers of custom collapsible fuel tanks, with a history of proven customer satisfaction, and in doing so have obtained exclusive territorial marketing rights to these widely used and accepted products.


For more information about Remote Fuel Systems or Remote Camp Infrastructure, contact Raymac Environmental Services toll free at 1-866-753-6696.