Frac Flow Back and Produced Water Treatment


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Save your company thousands of dollars every day by recycling and re-using your frac flow back water.  Further savings can be attained by working with Raymac Water Treatment Services to treat and utilize water your company currently produces.  Working with our technicians, you can safely remove H2S from your produced water, and treat the clean water so it is ready for re-use, whether you require scale inhibition, biocide treatments, or clay control.

Our patented Dissolved Air Floatation system can recycle up to 99% of the flow back water returned to surface.  And since our units are mobile, it can be done right at your site, which lowers the overall trucking costs for your company.  Saving 99% of your water also reduces the amount of waste sent for treatment at disposal facilities.

Another benefit of our technology is the removal of hydrocarbons from the flow back water, so rather than sending it with wastewater to disposal, keep it for further revenue increases.

Each mobile unit is fully self-contained and complete with an onboard lab for immediate water test results.  Our technicians can perform water compatibilities on site, to ensure when water is blended, scaling does not occur.  With a process capability exceeding 50 m3 per hour, Raymac can meet the most demanding requirements.

The DAF system is capable of removing the smallest and lightest of particles.  They generally settle slowly using gravity in a traditional clarifier.  Using the DAF system, they can be removed more completely and much faster.  Typical TSS removal will range below 10 mg/l prior to final filtration.

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Our skilled technicians are experienced and certified in various designations relating to the oil and gas industry.  Our expertise and focus on safety is second to none.

Raymac Water Treatment Services is a member of ISNetworld.

Raymac Frac Flow Back Water Treatment Services Executive Summery;

Service Summary;

Stationed in Edmonton our custom build 53 foot mobile units are fully self contained and can be transported to any site to treat your frac flow back water. Each unit is capable of processing approximately 1250 cubic metes of water in a 24 hour period and require a very small foot print on your site. The patented multi stage dissolved air flotation system is capable of processing you contaminated frac flow back or produced water to be reused in the fracing process.  Our units are capable of removing solids, oils, condensate and scale.

When compared to the complete cost of water transportation, disposal costs and logistical challenges our technological process and cost structure make our units extremely competitive.

Raymac Water Treatment Services is a memer of ISNetworld.


  • Over 4 decades of water treating experience behind us

System type                                                                                  

  • Multi stage dissolved air floatation
  • 53 foot mobile trailer
  • Completely self contained
  • Very small layout foot print


  • 60 cubic meters per hour
  • TSS below 10 mg/l
  • 99.9% solid removal water treated
  • 99.9% oil removal
  • 90% hardness removal
  • Closed system, vapours are collected and redirected
  • H2S capable
  • Able to remove condensates and scale

Benefits of treating your frac flow back water:

  • Cost savings in hauling waste water to discharge
  • Disposal rates off set cost of water treatment
  • Cost of hauling fresh water to site
  • Cost of fresh water
  • Reduce truck traffic on local roadways
  • Reclaim lost oil
  • Reduce environmental footprint


Typical Layout:

One the main advantages to the Mobile DAF system as we have designed it is the small footprint required at your site. The main processing trailer is 53' x 8' and we have a 28' x 9' support trailer housing our supply of Acid and Lime, equipment storage and operator work area. The client will need to supply:

  • Fresh water supply to activate the polymers
  • Sludge tank
  • Oil recovery tanks

Contact Information:

Jon A. Clark                    President
Office                              250 390-1032
Toll Free                         1 866 753-6696
Mobile                             250 619-9392

Justin Emmelkamp           Opreations Manager
Mobile                             587 920-3509
Toll Free                          1 866 753-6696

FRAC Mobile Treatment System Brochure

Collapsible Frac Water Storage Tanks:


Store large volumes of water quickly and easily using a portable and transportable frac water storage tank, specifically designed for the Petroleum Industry. This new frac tank is easy to set up and is able to store large volumes of water with no site preparation and no environmental footprint left over. The tanks are lightweight and fully collapsible, offering liquid storage many times larger than their transportable size.

The frac tank is constructed of high-strength, abrasion-resistant industrial fabric coated in a high-visibility safety orange. Tank sizes and dimensions can be custom made up to a capacity of 190 cubic meters or 50,000 US gallons.

Predictably the average frac tank will be moved multiple times during the year from one site to the next. Because of this, our frac water storage tanks are rapidly deployable and can be hooked up to a skid steer loader and unrolled quickly and easily.

Collapsible Frac Tank Brochure

Unique Advantages of Collapsible Frac Water Storage Tanks:

  • Less risk of freeze up do to the low profile - good heat retention with low wind resistance
  • Very low transportation costs, a 190 cube tank can easily fit into the back of a pickup truck
  • Set up time for a 190 cube frac water storage tank is less than an hour
  • One tank can store as much as two 400 barrel steel tanks


For more information about Frac Waste Water Treatment Systems, contact Raymac Environmental Services toll free at 1-866-753-6696 today.